Research Overview

“Our research interests have been focused on the development of multiscale models for catalytic combustion, including the systematic development of detailed chemical kinetic mechanisms for heterogeneous catalysis. We combine the analysis at the molecular scale, e.g., using Density Functional Theory with the meso and macro scale models in order to predict the behavior of target applications. Under a more applied point of view, we have been working on the development of propulsion systems in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. Applications include, but not limited to, EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) for spark ignition engines, catalytic microthrusters and porous radiant burners”

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Rafael C. Catapan
Professor Adjunto
Rua Dona Francisca, 8300
Perini Business Park
Bloco U - Sala 289
Joinville, SC, Brasil • 89219-600
Twitter: @rcatapan
+55 48 3721-6266